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Hobby Press 3 GS-803

1.“RAMSPIN” System

2. Auto-release

3. Over The Center Pressure Distribution

4. Dressable Lower Platen

5. Slider-out Lower Platen

6. “RAMLOCK” Quick Change System


Hobby Press 3 GS-803 is the updated version based on GS-802, the structure for both machines look the same, but we add Ramspin, Ramlock system together with a slider system to GS-803, which can make it a really Hobby Plus press. 

Give more ways and more options for crafter is the main reason why we developed GS-803, not just on sizes but on functions.

Officially Released into the market in May 2021


1.“RAMSPIN” system: 

With self-developed “RAMSPIN” system, customers can switch between auto-open control and manual control. (Patent No.:ZL 2020 2 0858789.5)

2. Auto-release:

With a quality electro-magnet, the upper platen automatically releases at the end of the time cycle, meanwhile, the dual gas springs lift the upper platen gently with a quiet and smooth release.

3. Over The Center Pressure Distribution:

The pressure source is strategically placed over the center of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. The result is an even and heavy duty distribution of pressure performance.

4. Dressable Lower Platen:

The special laser cut base allows users to dress garments over the lower platen without stretching them out. Simply load the shirt onto the platen and feed the bottom of hte garment through the clearance underneath the lower platen.

5. Slider-out Lower Platen:

With slide-out lower platen, customers could put or dress garments freely without worrying about burning hands by upper heat platen during this process.

6. “RAMLOCK” Quick Change System:

with this patent system, customer can change multiple lower platens with different sizes easily. (Patent No.:ZL 2018 2 0678795.5)

Herter Size12"X16.5"(300*400mm)
Temperature RangeMax.210℃/430℉
Time Range0~999S
Machine Size60.4*31*35.2cm
Packing Size66*37*42cm
Packing Weight30kg
CertificateCE, FCC
Warranty5 year on heat platen, 1 year on parts


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