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Who We Are - Galaxy press

"Galaxy Press" is a heat press machine brand established by Shenzhen Lopo Technology Co.Ltd in the year 2011 aims to help the customer grow business by offering high quality heat transfer machine.

Galaxy press was launched in the market at Fespa London 2013, aims to make a really good quality heat press machine from China with our own brand and can be acceptable and respected by EU and USA customers.

Galaxy heat press factory

There was nothing happened as what we expected at the first 3 years of making press and keep attending trade show, until 2015, we started to have agents from EU countries and we do appreciated those agents who choose to support with us at that time and still be with us till now.

There is nothing could be done perfect, but there is always a way to lead you to be better is what we believe. With the mission of making a brand to be acceptable and respected, we never stop, Listen to customer, always thinking how to make it better and always try to make the idea become true are the way how we keep updating our Galaxy heat press machine.

2018, we managed to get into USA market to serve US customers. Now we have agents located in both East and West Coast of USA to manage to let all the US customers can be easier to try our GALAXY Series Heat Press Machine.

2020 is a year that made lots of things had been changed and most of them would never change it back. Facing the pandemic, the human being from the whole world was suffering the same situation. As a social member, we were thinking how we can do something which could be beneficial for the whole society, finally, our new goal of making Galaxy press came out, which is make the most user-friendly and profitable heat press machine. We hope that all of our Galaxy press users would love sublimation or run their business better because of using GALAXY PRESS!

Galaxy press factory

At last, there is nothing to be perfect, but there always a way to be better, we are on the way!

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