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Galaxy Hobby Press 803

Hobby Press is quite a unique machine, with a small size and compact design, to make it very portable. So our Galaxy GS-802 is one of the most popular Hobby Press models in our heat press range. In the meantime, we can see the hobby press market is growing fast since last year, and we do have customers asking for a heat press with A3 size, so we developed a new A3 size hobby press GS-803, which helps customers have another choice besides 9" X 12" and 11" x 15" size heat press for the hobby market. It's a big update of Hobby Press because we want to make sure all the Hobby Press users have a better experience. Also, we want to prove even Hobby Press can be professional machines, so we add lots of New functions, Ram-Lock; Ram-Spin; to enhance their market competitiveness. Give more Hobby Press users faith to turn on their own Sublimation Business and start making money. Join Sublimation Business, make life memorable, creating much more value for customized gifts.

Allow us to begin with size and weight. The GS-802 is an A4-size hobby press for home use. The weight of the A4 hobby press is around 14kg. Hobby Press GS-803 is upgraded as an A3 size hobby press with the A3 Size heat Platen; the gross weight is 30kg. A3 Size Heat Platen is around 30*40cm. This size can afford almost all Desktop Printing Users for the size required, bigger than A4 Size and lighter than 15* 15-inch Heat Platen. Also, this GS-803 can print around 90% Sublimation Blanks in the market and perfectly fit all Garment printing requirements. So, I would say this 30*40cm Heat Platen of GS-803 is the best choice for Hobby Press. Heat Platen is in a horizontal position instead of a vertical position. This design can help customers print t-shirts easily. In the meanwhile, Hobby Press GS-803 with a laser-cut bottom design that can help customers locate products.

Lots of customers might get confused about this "Ram-Lock Quick Change System." The Ram-Lock Quick Change System is a patented system from Galaxy and has been welcomed by customers since we developed it. GS-803 is also added with this function, so customers can use this system to change multiple lower plates with different sizes easily and quickly. 

Galaxy Hobby Press 803

Did you notice there is one elector-magnet on this GS-803 Machine? Right there, yes! Does that mean these machines come with an auto-open function? Sure, it’s not only auto-open; in this GS-803, it has the “Ram-Spin” System, which is our new patent that has already been used on GS-105HS. By this function, customers can switch GS-803 between manual control and auto-open control.

Last but not least, GS-803 keeps a strong performance around the premise, decreasing the cost. So this GS-803 is an economic Hobby Press Machine, suitable for all the users who want to try sublimation business or the starter of Sublimation Business, either the users who want expand their Sublimation Business. 

Here is LOPO; Aim to User Friendly is always what we are chasing.